So next time you have to call any type of business on the phone, please be as polite as possible; be kind, speak clearly and be understanding if you are asked to repeat things multiple times. And I understand everyone hates to be put on hold, so do I, but they are likely scrambling to get the needed info ready to take your call.  Also understand that the person who first answers your call is more often than not a receptionist who is unable to truly assist you, so hold off on explaining your whole problem; give them a chance to transfer your call. If you are upset, please understand that the person who picks up the phone is probably not the source of your anger. So be kind to the receptionist and whoever they may transfer you to because they are trying their best to help you and there may be a chance it’s me you are talking to on the phone and let me just tell you, I am terrified and I cringe every time I hear the phone ring. 

personal office work receptionist i dont know how to respond when you threaten to sue us


it probably seems like i cry over stupid shit but tbh i usually end up crying because i’ve stored up all of my upset feelings from multiple things rather than express them and then the littlest thing sets me off like spilling my drink may not be that big of a deal but when i’ve stored up that many negative emotions it feels like i busted a hole in the hoover dam

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paper marbling

fill a tray with water. blow, fan, stir, dab, and drag paint or colored ink across its surface. put a sheet of washi paper on top to stain it with the floating art.

though called “turkish” paper marbling by europeans, this design technique was developed in east asia, central asia, and the islamic world. it is an important part of turkic, tajik, indian, and other asian and middle eastern cultures.

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